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His OC won the second giveaway (and the second blind date with Purple)
Tibias wasn’t the only one to have a blind date with Purple. It was a stallion named Peter.  
As always, awkwardness ensued when they met. Just a simple hi and nothing more.
They didn’t know what to say or do, until Peter took courage and asked he likes.  
Purple murmur something about liking art, Lego and collecting stuff. And he added races too.  
Peter when heard the last thing proposed to go to see the wonderbolts since there was a race that day. Purple gladly accepted.
They spent a nice day in Canterlot after watching the race (Rainbow Dash won, of course) looking at this marvelous town.  
The day was almost over, and the two went to a park, they sit under a three to relax. And Purple use this to “steal” some cuddles.  
Because what’s better than ending a day with some nice hugs?


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