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I had tons of fun doing this, I think she came out looking super cute. I really wanna do more art of the specials, I loved every single one
Still cold as hell where I live, we don't get snow down here but instead hail! Ain't that fun?
safe1750350 artist:nire159 sunset shimmer64772 equestria girls206992 equestria girls series34779 holidays unwrapped2267 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14929 blushing204621 breasts288673 breath1703 bunset shimmer1804 busty sunset shimmer5673 butt65891 chocolate3443 clothes475943 cold953 cup6494 evening531 food72971 gloves20955 high res32685 hot chocolate1268 jacket13144 looking at you175669 pants15314 smiling260873 smiling at you5201 snow14132 tree33516 winter outfit1564


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