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derpibooru baned original pic with text  
This image has been deleted
Reason: Rule #6: Vote incentive offer
need to search better platform, I don’t see it like a vauluble reason to remove
suggestive148421 artist:xyi214 cozy glow7737 twilight sparkle306402 alicorn233181 pony1012228 alicornified5559 cozycorn715 cozypred15 crying44885 drool25750 drool string5877 esophagus452 female1403568 filly69763 filly predator49 imminent vore2451 levitation12589 magic75482 mare503054 mare prey115 maw873 mawshot1596 micro9220 open mouth154808 preylight850 race swap14689 saliva puddle230 salivating1838 slimy467 taste buds352 telekinesis28784 tongue out108434 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126271 unwilling prey149 uvula2244 vore14844


not provided yet


Background Pony #DA30
Like it or not, no matter what side, but Derpibooru has a monopoly on traffic for pony art. Limiting yourself to any other alt booru would limit your own exposure, since the sites don’t gather nearly as much traffic. Don’t shoot yourself in the crotch.
Background Pony #9B49
Oof. Well, while I favor Twilight by far I was looking forward to either of the two options. Just because this site can be full of party poopers doesn’t mean you can’t still have your fun without them.
Background Pony #DA30
The rule only pretains to the site’s voting system. Wouldn’t make more sense to use a Strawpoll for this kind of thing, anyway?
Background Pony #993B
@Background Pony #0B89
“You may not post images or image descriptions that are intended to game the site’s vote system by offering specific incentives (such as alternative versions of an image) in exchange for upvotes, downvotes, or faves.”
Background Pony #0B89
Whatever… this is a stupid rule…  
As if the votes are somehow important… what? It gets 100 or even 10000 up or down votes. And what? Nothing. It’s just another random drawing on insignificant  
booru site…  
But whatever.  
Try this on Twitter next time maybe.
Edit. Also rule 6 dont talk about this kind of ‘use’ of site functionality. There have been no abuse of it or use of it in ill way.