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"In the ever expanding battle of Equine vs Cervine, One unfortunate daughter is now regretting being brought along for the latest outing."

Yeeeehaw. More battle of durr vs Appl.
suggestive145439 artist:dongly12334 applejack171493 oc697383 oc:fireberry14 oc:tea tree39 deer5924 anthro264477 plantigrade anthro33472 3d78063 apple16507 big breasts83719 breasts283244 busty oc993 clothes467001 deer oc806 dirt road81 female1380923 female focus6475 food71462 hat thief8 high res31118 moped64 mother and child2498 mother and daughter6020 revamped anthros413 source filmmaker47317 this will end in pain and/or angry countryisms21 truck819


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