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トリクシーにイライラするグリマーさん #mlp
safe1726508 artist:770nanao1544 starlight glimmer49188 trixie68090 pony986804 unicorn332105 all bottled up1450 season 7756 anger magic191 angry27632 cloud31309 cute202832 diatrixes3167 duo62811 duo female11431 ear fluff30323 eye clipping through hair6047 eyebrows5799 eyebrows visible through hair2750 eyes closed95555 female1380906 frown23238 glimmerbetes3870 glowing horn20046 hoof on chest731 horn70642 madorable708 magic74257 mare490715 open mouth149804 open smile1301 scene interpretation8719 smiling254178 translation request1366


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