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Pinkie and Maud Pie were condemned to live in interesting times. In the last few years, Equestria had experienced the return of Nightmare Moon (which Pinkie would witness firsthoof), an ensuing civil war, fundamental societal restructuring, and wars against the Changeling Lands, the vicious King Sombra, various states to Equestria’s north, and even some on other continents. Heck, they and their sisters Marble and Limestone had even been conscripted to fight in some of those wars! In times like these, staying close to one’s family was more important than ever, and Pinkie and Maud were more than happy to share more time together. Their family farm wasn’t far from a peak which the two often liked to hike up, far from any semblance of civilisation. It was a familiar trail that they had traversed since they were teenagers, but it wouldn’t take the pair long to notice something unfamiliar about their old trail.
“Hey Maud,” Pinkie began, “What do you think that is? I’ve never seen this before!”  
“A secret government black site,” Maud said.  
“You silly!” Pinkie laughed, “The sign says it’s not a secret government black site! Why would the sign lie?”
(it was a secret government black site)
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safe1919658 artist:moonatik1136 part of a set17380 maud pie13690 pinkie pie234550 earth pony338782 pony1267173 new lunar millennium100 4k2666 alternate hairstyle32453 alternate timeline3333 boots27168 bush3337 clothes540367 coat3320 dress51926 female1554911 hair bun4131 high res81084 hoodie17198 mare588333 mountain6264 night31270 night sky2110 nightmare takeover timeline690 part of a series3216 shoes47129 siblings13533 sign4602 sisters11914 sky17981 snow16058 stars19111 tail bun546 tree39193


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