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Hey girls bois and the beans in this world, new name check, it is hopes, i’m not totally back yet but guess what?, i got into therapy (yay ^^), i’m not sure if this next gen is going to stop being a mess tho, i just hope y’all can be patient with this anxious slow potato (aka me)
Name: fluttershy or finn  
Pronouns: they/he  
Gender: trans female to male  
Not officially married but in a strong romantic relationship with discord (they/them) with kids (adopted or not)
So this idea was always in my mind, fluttershy being a trans colt and staying just like she/they are in the show, calm, shy, and over all a big softie boy and a vet, i love this because it gives not only the ‘gender is just a void’ vibe, because in my au discord is gender-fluid, they and “luna” as a non-binary royalty ( and maybe in a poly marriage with rarity and maud pie), the thing about this story is that fluttershy or finn had always a feeling about their own body they push it down while growing up as “i’m just not pretty”, but after getting to know discord he saw in them what he always want it, to be someone that has the corage to dicide what they are no matter what other may say, for the both of them it toke a long time to realiz their own feeling for eachother,the denial about their feelings led to them getting into relationships to “not ruin their friendship” discord end it up in such an abusive one, they had two children, the only thing worth it staying with that bitch for at that time, but after finally broking it off and some healing with fluttershy and a therapist (yes i made that a thing in my au), discord being there for finn when when they discove themselfs, while even twilight and the other girls got taking by surprise, and had some poor sword chooses


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