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safe1724506 artist:bugssonicx181 queen chrysalis35098 starlight glimmer49157 changeling48538 pony984777 unicorn331240 bugs bunny168 crossover62844 cute202513 female1379054 flyswatter78 glimmerbetes3867 hand on hip6435 head lump39 looney tunes442 lump12 male379146 mare489702 slapstick198


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Background Pony #EF22
I want a flyswatter that big with a label that reads "In Case Of Queen Chrysalis".
Background Pony #6161
@Background Pony #4017
Bugs vs Road Runner
Who wins? The plot basically has them both as invincible. I think Road Runner wins, Bugs actually gets mildly hurt before his "you realize this means war". Road Runner literally twists physics to his favor (like a boulder that will fall on him will go sideways or up to hit Wil E Coyote instead).
Background Pony #EC25
Nice job DarkyBoode32 for stating the blatantly obvious by describing whats going on in this picture of Bugs Bunny giving Chrysalis a whack with a giant fly swatter uploaded by coltman1925 on the website Derpibooru on the internet on the planet earth located in the milky way galaxy, the universe.
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Chrysalis: Grr… Jokes on you, rabbit, your latest Space Jam movie was an utter and complete DUMPSTER FIRE!!

Bugs Bunny: Maybe you should tell your buds at Hasbro to get better quality control when it comes to Jem and the Holograms.