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Friendship prevail via the stories we share
A collab we did together….i did da drawing and she did da coloring ^^
safe1859758 artist:auroracursed83 artist:liaaqila1150 applejack180790 fluttershy227495 hitch trailblazer4283 izzy moonbow8102 pinkie pie229433 pipp petals6044 rainbow dash249224 rarity194741 sunny starscout7385 twilight sparkle319755 zipp storm4508 alicorn253203 earth pony312379 pegasus355439 pony1203947 unicorn393127 g520772 my little pony: a new generation12408 adorapipp605 adorazipp258 bed46227 blanket6059 blaze (coat marking)2310 book36855 book of harmony127 bracelet11451 braid7122 coat markings7400 collaboration5859 cuddle puddle334 cuddling9107 cute220066 eyes closed108895 facial markings3235 featured image982 female1499535 floppy ears59149 friendship journal179 heart54792 hitchbetes233 izzybetes1259 jewelry79899 light1702 male422233 mane five (g5)1453 mane six33896 mare556110 mouth hold19640 night29971 pale belly1573 pony pile831 sleeping25239 smiling296489 snuggling6825 socks (coat markings)4273 stallion132344 sunnybetes738 sweet dreams fuel1772 tiny1479 tiny ponies1611 toy23246 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132306 unshorn fetlocks31835 wall of tags4797 weapons-grade cute4026


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Background Pony #2CFD
The cuteness of when Hitch comforting all his 4 girlfriends is so much!!
Background Pony #CBFB
Very cute pic.  
Also, it currently has an overall score of “1234”, which I thought was funny.