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HELLO, sorry again for my stalling. I have SO many pictures that were supposed to have been posted 2 months ago TwT. I don’t know what’s wrong with me y’all XD. Anyways, I hope you enjoy another RD pic👌  

1st Drawing:
RD just had her first born, Cascade Mist. You’re seeing Rainbow in the rare occurrence of her hair being long. Her first pregnancy took a toll on her, as she was just constantly exhausted. She would be nestled in the nest that Soarin made for her, before she birthed and after. In my HC, stallion pegasus are known and expected to make nests made out of warm compacted clouds (I have yet to go into the science of that, but I’m just gonna say it’s a pegasus magic thing) for their mates. Soarin would keep nagging her if the nest was fine enough that day, you know he’ll be sad if it wasn’t. It’s probably a little small, but RD loves it regardless. Even though her expression in the picture may not look like it, her heart is always filled with so much sappy warmth at the fact that Soarin put so much work into making something for her and only her. She’s just tired, that’s all. Soarin will still be by her side and give her anything she pleases. The same goes for his new born. Cascade was a quiet foal, and was content in the comfort of her parents. ÚwÙ  
2nd Drawing:
RD preening her fluffed up son before some competition or school or something. Cloudy hates it when she does this, especially right before something or in public. And I think RD is doing this both in instances XD; it seems that RD can be an overprotective and bothersome parent at times. She does this to all of her kids as they be looking raggedy half the time XP. Soarin don’t be helping either. He be looking a mess too XD.  
3rd Drawing:
Yes, pegasus eat worms in my hc (I’ll do an in depth explanation on pegasus in the future, like I did with the unicorns). These worms are common in Cloudsdale, and are usually found in densely clouded areas. They feed off the magical components that make up in the clouds in Cloudsdale, but don’t worry, they aren’t a threat. It’s easier for them to gain a lot more magic in the denser areas. They’re known as Rainbow Worms, and are a good snack for pegasus (and so are other bugs). They’re big, thick and juicy and are a treat for younger pegasus. Mother pegasus chew up and regurgitate these worms (along with other bugs and food) for their foals. The worms provide protein and magic for the little tykes, and help them grow. They’re almost the pegasus equivalent of a vitamin or something XP. Lightning here loves them!!  
4th Drawing:
RD swimming with her chicks, Crimson, Azure and Xanthia XP. I was inspired to draw her like a mother swan, like how they carry their young on their back until the chicks are ready to swim. And by all means, those three aren’t in the slightest ready XD. So Rainbow would do what a mother does best and take them swimming with her, and she’ll help them when they’re ready. I would also assume that RD is just taking a bird bath with the little stinkers XP. These three are crazy wild. I already know Crimson is forming some anxiety to water, as Xanthia keeps touching it, all while Azure isn’t giving a crap.  
ANYWAYS. I hope you all are having a fantastic day and wonderful month. Happy very late 4th btw to my Americans 🇺🇸! If you guys have any questions or anything, please leave a text in the comments or in chat ^^. Thanks for the constant support! Love y’all as always!!!
safe1861686 artist:theartfox246893 rainbow dash249429 soarin'14694 oc777524 oc:cascade mist2 oc:cloudy cumulonimbus contrail2 oc:crimson wind2 oc:lightning bolt spectrum9 oc:xanthia2 pegasus356320 pony1205957 worm481 alternate design3599 alternate hairstyle31206 assisted preening36 baby11466 baby pony7351 behaving like a bird661 colored wings8317 colt16613 dialogue73662 female1501272 filly76781 gradient wings1021 grooming820 gummy worm47 male422853 mare557209 markings2366 momma dash37 mother and child3315 mother and daughter6549 mother and son3330 multicolored wings3373 nest618 offspring44591 parent:rainbow dash6562 parent:soarin'2846 parents:soarindash2100 partially open wings312 ponies riding ponies2609 preening1077 rainbow wings686 redesign2939 riding8006 shipping218287 soarindash5096 stallion132635 straight150079 swimming2701 tl;dr365 unshorn fetlocks31897 water16197 wings148930


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