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I gave this pic some color and also slightly cleaned up some of the sketchy lines mostly in her mane for clarity.  

Didn’t realize the tongue version was an edit of the original when I uploaded that first lol  

safe2198477 alternate version88598 artist:ratofdrawn1193 color edit9071 edit175001 editor:maonyman63 rainbow dash282973 pegasus507791 pony1628960 g42054345 blushing279303 chest fluff67284 colored25550 colored pupils13387 drool35308 female1830088 floating heart6599 heart78583 high res409261 inktober2093 kinktober367 kinktober 201873 lidded eyes49474 looking at you264958 mare758623 one eye closed46644 open mouth242840 piercing65692 raised hoof71534 simple background609561 smiling406128 smiling at you27038 solo1446130 spread wings97465 tongue out149810 tongue piercing1516 white background166592 wing fluff2580 wings229842 wink33439 winking at you3522


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