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Originally posted on: Aug 20, 2015
suggestive148421 artist:eumi-bun8 fluttershy217268 rainbow dash238587 human158965 adorasexy10134 beautisexy934 belly button81323 bikini18982 blushing204693 breasts288754 busty fluttershy17917 busty rainbow dash8459 butt65939 cameltoe8794 caress157 cleavage35648 clothes476125 comic111481 cute205729 daaaaaaaaaaaw4686 dashabetes9644 dialogue67958 drool25707 drool string5866 eared humanization2809 endosoma849 esophagus451 eye clipping through hair6414 eyebrows6450 eyebrows visible through hair3202 eyes closed98101 female1402077 flutterpred652 gentle pred27 high res32796 humanized101924 inside mouth103 inside stomach166 internal4288 laced panties15 licking20860 licking lips4424 lying down19659 mawshot1598 mucous170 mucus359 non-fatal vore507 offscreen character35742 on back25041 open mouth154436 oral invitation309 outdoors11618 panties51509 pov14505 preydash734 rainbow dash is not amused656 rainbutt dash3872 rugae80 safe vore135 saliva puddle229 salivating1829 sexy30697 shyabetes14508 sideboob10810 slimy465 smiling261027 squishy2621 stomach acid770 stomach noise3322 stomach walls149 swimsuit29728 taste buds351 throat bulge3699 tongue out108286 unamused16760 underwear62518 uvula2242 vore14829 wall of tags3655 winged humanization8848 wings123144


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Background Pony #749B
Okay, HOW is this "suggestive"? This is literally Fluttershy eating Rainbow Dash, implying heavily that she's not going to let her out aswell, aka, that she's going to digest her. Why is this not "questionable"?

I don't think the ratings on this website will ever make sense.