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Twidash! Fav ship and OG jock/nerd

safe1751496 artist:chub-wub467 rainbow dash238688 twilight sparkle306286 zipp storm1330 alicorn233046 pegasus309508 pony1011431 g56968 my little pony: a new generation1794 absurd resolution67017 blushing204810 chest fluff41267 eye clipping through hair6431 eyebrows6502 eyebrows visible through hair3231 fangs26717 feather in hair56 female1402751 heart50062 hoof on chest764 hug29148 implied magical lesbian spawn45 implied offspring9 lesbian99319 lidded eyes31821 looking at each other21476 mare502614 one eye closed32544 open mouth154611 shipping205781 simple background409506 sitting65624 smiling261321 spread wings57143 trio9769 trio female2015 twidash5344 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126234 wavy mouth3867 white background102571 wingboner8375 winghug2985 wings123340


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Honestly I don’t really see Twilight in Zipp, Rainbow Dash obviously but Twilight? At least I haven’t seen Twilight in Zipp anyway. It would be interesting to see a combination of a dorky Twilight and jocky Rainbow Dash personalities though.


I wouldn’t say that Zipp is a direct descendant of TwiDash (there are 1000 years or so in between) but that a child or grandchild of AppleDash and whoever Twilight Sparkle has come together with (although I personally would like Sunset Shimmer), has fallen in love with each other at some point and thus started the future for generations 5. Thus, Zipp would have the lineage of all three tribes (plus Alicorn) and her sister Pipp Petals as well.
(I’m an AppleDashian, but also a Mane Eight multishipper.)

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Hungarian G1 pony fan

I just watched a video from Doctor Wolf theorizing Zipp Storm might have a mix of Twilight Sparkle’s and Rainbow Dash’s personalities.

Background Pony #ADF2

@Background Pony #92C2
Dash and AJ could only naturally reproduce with the direct help of an alicorn. AJ has always wanted kids, but couldn’t carry due to infertility. So, brave and loyal wife Rainbow Dash bore their children with Twilight’s help/genetics. Bam, no plotholes here.

Background Pony #1630

Dash can see the future of their relationship
liza koshy as zipp: okay well this just got a little more interesting