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glim glam sure knows how to throw a tea party!
safe1863545 artist:t72b1018 jasmine leaf218 octavia melody25193 starlight glimmer52728 twilight sparkle320216 alicorn253858 earth pony314135 pony1208003 unicorn394835 angry30239 annoyed5972 axe1838 boat1533 boston tea party5 crate601 facehoof1836 feather6904 food80019 high res74519 historical roleplay starlight83 hoof hold9714 monochrome158203 neckerchief2088 octavia is not amused386 pun8001 screaming3879 squatpony533 tea3280 tea party611 teary eyes5100 tomahawk32 twiggie512 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132503 u wot m8164 unamused18513 water16248 weapon34061


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Parliament: Here you go, colonials, have some taxes  
Colonists: Can’t we vote on this?  
Parliament: lol no  
Colonists: Guess I won’t be needing this tea, then  
Parliament: Intolerable Acts intensify