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semi-grimdark31971 artist:severity-gray238 twilight sparkle320144 alicorn253779 pony1207544 alternate hairstyle31237 asphyxiation1702 breathplay706 bust60864 clothes519391 collar37929 cutie mark51620 cutie mark accessory610 cutie mark collar330 high res74492 horn98627 horn ring6314 jewelry80219 latex14097 latex mask50 latex suit4490 magic suppression4315 mask7886 open mouth176406 ponytail20935 portrait34688 ring4461 rubber2084 shiny3008 simple background456438 solo1184174 suffocating266 transparent background230195 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132487


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The Artist of Pony
Unicorn can break free, if they want, easier then any other race. (Just teleport yourself)  
And yes. Breathplay not for everybody. The point of breathplay is the fact that lack of oxygen amplyfies pleasure and orgasm.
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Mmm, I was thinking with unicorn magic, you could render asphyxiation magically impossible.
But absent magic certainly, not having your caring and careful partner right by your side would be ridiculously reckless… and even then the idea scares me.
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What someone told me, the first time breathplay really is terrifying. Even if you have someone you trust by your side.
You basically lay you life in their hands. It gets better over time, but this also makes it more dangerous!