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safe1752390 artist:uotapo959 cloudpuff55 izzy moonbow3369 pinkie pie220358 pipp petals2186 rarity185742 scootaloo51959 spike80554 starlight glimmer49837 sunny starscout2865 twilight sparkle306398 zipp storm1365 alicorn233180 dragon58788 earth pony266641 pegasus309847 pony1012212 g42038 g57136 alternate hairstyle29111 ball4003 bandage5842 bound wings3693 braiding102 clothes476593 cosplay28510 costume28587 cute205919 cutealoo2954 diapinkes10289 envelope332 fake cutie mark532 fake wings681 female1403544 filly69758 glimmerbetes3913 hair dye185 horn77930 horn impalement762 hornball494 izzy's tennis ball603 mare503047 open mouth154803 paint1974 raribetes5633 spikabetes2089 spike is not amused197 sweat27695 sweatdrop3408 tennis ball819 tongue out108431 twiabetes12284 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126270 unamused16773 uotapo is trying to murder us181 winged spike8552 wings123492


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“What are you doing Pinkie?”  
“Quiet. If we play as the new main characters, the show will last for many more years to come.”  
“W-what are you talking about? What show?”  
“Why there is ball over my horn?”  
“… (thinking) S-she dared to dye my fabulous mane and tail… She dared the… the… ARGH!”  
“I do like the braid, but why my wings are tied?”  
“You won’t need them. You are a earth pony now.”  
“Applejack! Where are you?”  
“What in tarnation is that thing between my hind legs? Wait. Is that what ah think it is?”  
“You’re a stallion now. Congratulations.”  
“You need more dye over there.”  
“IF there is somepony that will die here is…”  
“Don’t you dare! She’s mine!”  
“Come on, Rarity. It’s only dye. Think about Dashie that….”  
“Dye her white and leave me alone!” She headed for her boutique.  
“… couldn’t be part of…. sigh Dashie? You got the role.”  
“A flying dog? Seriously? At least I’m not a blowfish again.”

“Pinkie, we just finished shooting the finale. We were just about to retire. Stop trying to bring us back to the act.”
Scootaloo really looks like Sunny Starscout. I couldn’t even tell it was Scootaloo at first. :P
Background Pony #992A
This is so good twilight has a horn ball starlight is confused scootaloo doesn’t even know whats going on and rarity’s about to loose her mind and don’t even get me started on spike XD
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Truthfully, we don’t really know that much about Pipp’s personality other than that we saw her use her phone here and there, and one of those time was to make a selfie. We didn’t even hear her speak yet. Besides, for 5 seasons we had a princess on the cast and we somehow managed to have the story (mostly by ignoring her status).
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
Yeah, that’s true. Then again, G5 ponies aren’t meant to be exact representations of G4 characters. I was just saying that personality-wise Pipp is indeed more like Pinkie, even if she doesn’t have the exact same skills as Pinkie. They both like to perform, though they perform in different ways.  
Also, I don’t know if Pipp is a ‘huge hit’, otherwise she likely wouldn’t be one of the central characters of G5. I mean, if a pony is being followed around by a camera crew all of the time, could she really have the time to befriend the other members of the Mane 5? I don’t think so.
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The only of the old Mane 6 that in-universe is an exceptional singer is Fluttershy (Filli Vanilli). Pinkie Pie only got her “singy” reputation because early on she was the one who had the most songs (especially when the only non-Pinkie song was Winter Wrap Up), but those were mostly mini songs, not super hits.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
Yeah, I don’t think that Starlight would let anypony near her horn. I don’t think she wants to end up with a broken horn like Tempest Shadow (and frankly, neither would Rarity, considering how much she cares about her appearance).
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
Yeah, but Rarity is a fashion designer, not a singer. Due to that, I think Izzy is more like Rarity, with Pipp being more like Pinkie Pie. After all, both Pinkie and Pipp love throwing parties for others and making others happy through entertainment.