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NATG 2021 - Day 29 - Draw a pony or ponies doing as many of our past prompts as possible / Draw a pony reflecting on the past.
safe1859698 artist:llametsul404 angel bunny10351 fluttershy227468 izzy moonbow8101 lyra heartstrings31084 pipp petals6044 princess celestia100593 princess luna104922 rainbow dash249198 rarity194718 starlight glimmer52649 sunny starscout7384 trixie71976 twilight sparkle319717 zipp storm4508 alicorn253164 earth pony312335 pegasus355404 pony1203856 rabbit6295 shark2478 unicorn393102 g520768 :p10778 animal5450 ball4625 beach17419 beach ball1667 body swap851 celestia is not amused596 clothes518137 cute220064 dress49975 eclipse635 eyes closed108893 faic13100 female1499453 floppy ears59149 fluttershy is not amused438 frown25933 giant pony5019 giantess4735 high res74192 hot air balloon1061 lidded eyes35192 lunabetes3810 macro12079 mare556063 moon25985 moon work121 mountain5923 open mouth175603 open smile9116 panic1003 passed out261 peeking745 raised eyebrow7216 relaxing1651 rocket891 sand2745 shade360 sibling rivalry176 signature30962 silly7855 sky16776 smiling296467 smug7026 smugdash766 sports4320 sun7461 sunny and her heroine123 surrounded141 sweat30392 sweatdrops1250 tongue out118180 toy interpretation306 trixie's rocket121 umbrella2978 unamused18460 volleyball634 water16123


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Background Pony #8DDC
Which characters switched bodies in this pic?
No idea. It’s too chaotic. But most likely Fluttershy, Twilight, and Angel Bunny in a three-way body swap.
Background Pony #82D3
I like how Zipp is chilling,Rarity is dying and Pinke is going to get eaten by sharks amazing