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This is just a silly idea I wanted to draw before I start working on my more finished artworks that I gotta finish
I didn't draw Adagio and Aria's jackets because I was lazy lol, but I like the jacket-less look

Gonna copypaste the same thing from my last post:

To anyone that might actually read the descriptions of posts lol, I want to ask you something:
Are you interested on me opening up commissions? I've made a post on Twitter (my most followed account) and not a lot of people have actually answered (only 2 of the 730 people that follow me). Usually my pony artwork has a lot more traction on Derpi, so I would like to ask everyone here if they are interested on that. Thank you.
safe1749702 artist:nire159 adagio dazzle13251 aria blaze10019 sonata dusk13817 equestria girls206877 bare shoulders2833 blushing204516 blushing profusely2117 choker12908 embarrassed11740 eyeshadow16549 flustered334 holding hands2794 makeup22788 nail polish8098 sleeveless4844 smiling260667 strapless1750 the dazzlings4464 tsundaria231 tsundere2947


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Background Pony #86BD
Adagio would probably be commanding you to drop to your knees in worship with her next breath.