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This is why Pinkie usually vetts her suppliers before buying anything.
You never knows if that “gently used” giant fan you just bought from that shady dealer has an unapproved motor installed in it.


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Pinkie’s Fur: edit of >>663914
Pinkie: edit of >>1017925
Fan: cropped from >>578301
safe1785361 artist:discorded381 artist:mehoep49 artist:regolithx95 edit139425 editor:slayerbvc1892 vector edit3347 pinkie pie223016 earth pony280848 pony1086011 bald2258 cartoon physics693 cutie mark51150 fan890 female1433950 furless150 furless edit107 mare518906 pinkie being pinkie1343 pinkie physics461 pinkie pie suit27 ponysuit544 shaved tail119 simple background422588 solo1121710 speed lines402 transparent background214810 vector79047 wardrobe malfunction5367


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