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I'm not telling him. YOU tell him :P
safe1750297 artist:badumsquish2009 derpibooru exclusive29308 star tracker445 earth pony265850 pony1010376 arm cannon111 clothes475939 cosplay28498 costume28563 critical research failure41 crossdressing9681 crossover63803 crossplay145 cute205672 dialogue67956 eyes closed98044 freckles30110 helmet11207 male387968 metroid451 oops516 power suit15 raised hoof48424 samus aran244 show accurate17045 smiling260865 smug6258 solo1094266 starcrossed19 talking to viewer2932 this will end in tears3440 trackerbetes47


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If you don't like Metroid (or its fandom), you're more than welcome to filter out the Metroid tag, or simply just not look at the comments. But on this image, we've all been pretty civil.
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@Background Pony #A6AB
Yeah. The whole reason they even gave her the big shoulders was since the Game Boy version was on a monochrome small screen they needed a way to clearly convey that her suit had changed, so they added the big shoulders. I don't think they've ever deliberately tried to make her look manly :D
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If no one tells him, I will, I’ll even go one step further and contact Samus 🤣
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Background Pony #1337
Maybe he read the manga strategy guide that infamously and unwittingly turned Samus into a lesbian icon.

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Background Pony #3DBC
To be fair, the manual for the original NES Metroid refers to Samus using male pronouns.
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What's next forStar Tracker?
An orange jumpsuit, a portal gun and set of Aperture Laboratories Long Fall Boots?
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@Clever Clovers
the Buzzy Beetles in Sonic.

Buzzy Beetles are the dark-shelled things from SMB1 that you couldn't kill with a fire flower, and if you started again after beating 8-4, they would replace the Goombas, making the game supposedly a bit harder.

I think the Sonic Enemies you were thinking of were Motobugs, the one-wheeled ladybug enemies from Green Hill Zone.

However, saying that Metroids are like Goombas or Motobugs isn't really a fair or accurate comparison. Goombas and Motobugs are easy, simple early-game enemies that are meant to pose little threat to the player so that you can get acclimated to how the games play.e

Metroids are invariably late-game enemies that pose a higher threat than most normal enemies and even some bosses, and they can easily mess you up if you're unprepared to face them.
Clever Clovers
Artist -

Element Of Luck
"Uh, Star Tracker?"

"Yeah, Clovers?"

"Metroid isn't the name of the bounty hunter…it's Samus Aran. And it's a girl."


"…Star Tracker? You alright?"

"She's a girl bounty hunter? That makes her ten times cooler to me…hey, wait a second, then who's 'Metroid'?"

"It's not 'who', it's 'what'. Metroids are the main recurring enemies of the franchise. Like the Goombas in Mario or the Motobugs in Sonic."

"Ah, okay, cool! Gotcha, Clovers."
Background Pony #6CC0
Me: Sorry Star Tracker but Metroid is the name of the game, not the character and the character you cosplay on is a girl not a dude and the name is Samus Aran!
Star Tracker: What?! is a girl?! but is as dude!
Me: No is not and here the prove( I show him a Video who Samus remove her armor on the of Metroid Prime 3) See? a Girl!
Star Tracker: Oh sweet Celestia why I not see it coming! but she hot, Human or Pony she hot! But I still can't believe is a girl!
Me: Trust me many fans when a play the first game and clear it and see Samus is a girl a shock everyone, even I be surprise! but here a character is a dude a 100% but we NEVER see his face(I show him Master chief) He cool right?
Star tracker: Yeah, I will go get the costume!