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Having this ready for when Sunny screws up.
safe1973468 artist:chub-wub675 sunny starscout12833 twilight sparkle333164 earth pony362373 pony1325523 g541098 apprentice25 bag7541 ball5022 closet368 crying50484 dexter's laboratory233 failure126 fake wings979 fangirl275 female1605228 high res86812 i have failed you7 izzy's tennis ball1092 mare619311 meme88908 parody16648 ponified46379 poster6347 satchel469 student312 sunny and her heroine192 tennis ball1417


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Background Pony #46C4
I think the artist meant it if we get the unfortunately inevitable plain bad episode. No matter how hard a team try,sometimes some episodes miss the mark completely ,for every show
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Failure is what makes us love characters. Fluttershy failed to be brave at first in Dragonshy but when she finally got the courage to stand up to the dragon, we rooted for her even more.
Overcoming great struggles is part of what makes us love our heroes. It gives us hope for us to hopefully do the same in our own lives.
Besides the world of G5 sounds pretty pessimistic with mistrust abound, I’m pretty sure Sunny won’t just be able to change the world without some pushback and obstacles, especially since she has a vision of the world that is not very popular.
Background Pony #CE13
It’s kind of obvious that there will be a fallen hero moment in the movie. If sunny is like twilight, and is determined to bring back friendship. Then yeah, plus I’m sure the artist meant this as a joke.
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Cute picture, but I don’t know why people want Sunny to fail so badly. She is the main character, and as such I don’t think the writers for either the show or the movie have failure in mind when writing her. So this is perplexing.