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safe2209720 artist:chub-wub764 argyle starshine445 sunny starscout22600 twilight sparkle362870 earth pony520266 pony1640166 unicorn555624 g579484 book44559 coat markings14822 cute271051 father and child2925 father and daughter4186 female1843411 filly100569 filly sunny starscout518 glasses91100 high res410010 male564619 open mouth245535 plushie31400 simple background615333 sitting95395 socks (coat markings)8894 stallion201992 sunnybetes1961 toy25838 unicorn twilight35336 unshorn fetlocks49341 wholesome1542 yellow background3283


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Background Pony #1359
Sunny: I like Twilight better with wings.
Sunny’s Dad: …You wash your mouth out with soap RIGHT NOW, young mare!
Background Pony #DF38
@Background Pony #3E7E  
That’s apocrypha.And the less said about the big stinking, out of place and off topic too long rambling tangent about a high school musical with parallels characters who are like the ones you know but not really” haphazardly glued in the book and printed in sticky notes stamped with “Official Hasbro guidelines about the expansion of the core demographics and showing Mattel we have the biggest schlong” the better  
Joke/rant aside,they could play on that. Sunny learning that all the lessons cant be applied to any situations and that the Mane 6 fucked up sometimes, the lesson being that for all their successes ,they remained human beings little ponies like Sunny and as such were not infaillible
Background Pony #3E7E
„And then Princess Twilight stood there and watched the criminal extorting the town ponies because they were non-magical citizens of Equestria and using magic against them would be against the law or something.”
Background Pony #9F88
The beard and glasses reminded me of Gendo Ikari at first BTW. Fortunately for Sunny, it’s just a passive resemblance