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りんご食え (eat apples) https://t.co/Tq7cLGZ3TK
safe1750695 artist:kurogewapony661 applejack173293 earth pony265986 pony1010652 apple16755 cheek squish952 cute205729 food72985 happy32186 hat90372 holding3373 jackabetes6250 looking at you175729 simple background409169 smiling261022 solo1094449 squishy cheeks2481 text62198 that pony sure does love apples791


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Background Pony #B84A
Fun fact: If you ate a different kind of apple every single day, it would take you twenty years to eat them all.

This needs a part two with Applejack, head down, ass up presenting that sweet plot.

Warning: spoiler-ed content is sexually explicit, read at your own risk.