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Tirek/Discord adopt for fireanubis

I was given free range with everything, and honestly, I'm not sure how well she translates into the child of those two, but there's reasons for things. She's somewhat inspired by Ophiotaurus and somewhat of a naga, because of Tirek's more bull-like look and Discord's long serpentine body. Pretty much all her colors were taken and changed slightly from her fathers' color schemes, because too much variation made her look completely unrelated to the two of them.

The idea for her design started out much more 'chaotic', so to say, because the initial idea instead of a snake's bod was a centipede. Which, I'm all for despite the work I'd have to put into, but I'm not sure if you'd be! Might keep that idea for myself though. Thought about giving her mismatched limbs and some wings, but didn't want things too cluttered. I also must admit I drew her twice, because something about the first drawing just wasn't working for me, but that's fine.

Anyway, hope you like her! And thanks for your patience as well, she was quite the design to work on.


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