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safe1723600 edit133916 edited screencap66030 editor:quoterific2150 screencap224042 applejack171262 fluttershy214499 pinkie pie217855 rainbow dash235822 rarity183321 twilight sparkle302626 alicorn227839 earth pony255270 pegasus298486 pony984016 unicorn330908 do princesses dream of magic sheep1225 season 51548 applejack's hat7653 cowboy hat16275 cute202418 dashabetes9491 diapinkes10144 female1378298 hat88101 jackabetes6136 mane six32187 mare489370 open mouth149235 raribetes5548 shyabetes14146 smiling253371 twiabetes12092 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124732


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