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Every now and then, Sunset takes time to visit Equestria for some R&R at the Ponyville Spa. By some strange twist of fate, the portal malfunctioned this time, leaving her in her human form sans clothes. Sunset isn't about to let that get in the way of a good rubdown from you though.

Another lovely commission for me by DanielitaMLP.
questionable111826 artist:danielitamlp358 sunset shimmer64772 equestria girls206992 ass50894 breasts288673 bunset shimmer1804 busty sunset shimmer5673 butt65891 casual nudity7106 commission73049 commissioner:branagain281 eyebrows6436 eyebrows visible through hair3197 female1401733 high heels11775 high res32685 looking at you175669 massage table115 nipples175377 nudity382279 open mouth154293 open smile2130 pinup3193 ponyville spa204 shoes38732 shoes only1002 sideboob10805 smiling260873 smiling at you5201 solo1094283 solo female183674 stretching2423 stupid sexy sunset shimmer940


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