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Thanks to our friends at IDW Publishing, Equestria Daily can exclusive announces that after 9 years and 102 individual comic issues, this September the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic monthly comic book series will come to an end.
Not a bad run.
However this is not the end of My Little Pony comics coming from IDW Publishing. For this October, as Equestria Daily can also exclusively announce, IDW will be launching a brand new 5 issue mini-series titled My Little Pony: Generations.
I think the covers kind of give away the core premise of this series. However the press release, which you can find below, goes into great detail of not just this brand new mini-series from IDW Publishing, but also the Series Finale of IDW’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
safe1786070 artist:amy mebberson395 applejack175775 applejack (g1)641 firefly1736 fluttershy220457 glory281 pinkie pie223070 posey704 rainbow dash241756 rarity188397 surprise3072 twilight604 twilight (g1)42 twilight sparkle310394 alicorn239169 butterfly7474 earth pony281071 pegasus323301 pony1087550 unicorn357309 g115195 g42388 idw15662 my little pony: generations36 spoiler:comic10854 spoiler:comicgenerations3 book35304 bow30966 cloud32939 comic113572 comic cover703 crossover64584 female1434531 flower27489 grass10516 hatless2123 logo3852 mane bow220 mane six32988 mare519175 missing accessory8475 my little pony logo4441 open mouth161668 open smile4418 picture for breezies2961 sky15561 smiling272866 stars16916 tail bow6061 text63927 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127998


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Background Pony #4300
Does this mean that the first four incarnations of My Little Pony alongside G5 will always be connected as different MLP dimensions/universes? You know. Like a multiverse. Or should I say ponyverse.
Background Pony #6782
Could this mean that this comic crossover is canon to both G1 and G4 as dimensions?
Background Pony #DA2F
@Background Pony #5E8B  
It’s pretty clear that Equestria Girls would end along with the rest of G4. There’s 0 word on continuations and it wouldn’t make sense to run a G4 spinoff alongside G5.
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There is no way they are leaving either Spike out of this. G1 Spike is one of the earlier toys in the line (he was released with the Dream Castle set) and played a pretty big part in the show and specials. Beyond that a Spike has been in every Generation of MLP (Tales is considered G1). Leaving either of them out would be a complete failure.
Background Pony #CB97
@Background Pony #CB97
So FiM’s comic continuation is being cut off because of the comic industry collapsing due to Covid-19 and how they treated a promising artist? I find the part around Whitley hard to believe since I’m cutting IDW a bit of slack since this is meant to be a continuation of the show.
The end of G4 on simultaneous fields has a common characteristic; untidy, conflict-ridden work by the crews responsible for the scripts and by Hasbro who have tended to make untimely decisions rather than follow established intentions and plans. IDW simply followed DHX in this “tradition” that Hasbro took the lead in, and it seems that the spirit of cooperation and diligence have taken a holiday. Hasbro will focus very unilaterally on G5 without an emergency plan in mind, when G4 was launched both the timing and choice of crew - Faust was just one of many who contributed greatly to the success - was very outstanding for Hasbro.
It is noticeable that there are conflicting ideas and ambitions that had prevailed within MLP that in many ways reflect unfortunate trends in the American entertainment industry in recent years. Has the polarized situation in American society prevailed in comics, TV series, the movies and online?
Everything has become very untidy in contrast to when the G4 began. G5 does not start well; the teaser is still missing despite the fact that everything else about the new G5 has now been released in consumer goods and toys. It’s not just Hasbro; the same trend is seen everywhere.
Background Pony #2C6A
@Background Pony #2124  
Actually, Friendship Is Magic ended in October 12, 2019 and Equestria Girls didn’t end in November 2, 2019 and because DHX no longer produced Equestria Girls, it’s still undetermined who is gonna replaced DHX to animated more Equestria Girls in the future or not.
Background Pony #2C6A
@Macaroni C-Pony  
Well, G4 officially ended in October 12, 2019. But it didn’t need here. I would agree that after 102 issues, the end of the “Friendship Is Magic” comics will lead into the future events of the final episode of the show “The Last Problem”.
Background Pony #2124
Farewell and adieu you ship faring mares, farewell and adieu you mares of Spain.
Background Pony #2124
The End of G4, the comics were the only thing left. In September 2019 Friendship is Magic ended, in December 2019 Equestria Girls ended. In 2021 Pony Life ended, and now finally on September 2021, IDW’s MLP: FIM comic series will end.
Still good run for G4.
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@Background Pony #CB97  
So FiM’s comic continuation is being cut off because of the comic industry collapsing due to Covid-19 and how they treated a promising artist? I find the part around Whitley hard to believe since I’m cutting IDW a bit of slack since this is meant to be a continuation of the show.