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Contest: Someone traced a pic of Sunset Shimmer into a canvas and then sold it to a museum in Argentina.


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The coincidence of the thoughts of the artists is not plagiarism, but copying the details can be recognized very quickly. Plagiarism in text forms can be recognized by modern https://ca.edubirdie.com/plagiarism-checker plagiarism checkers, but graphic checkers cannot recognize the unique handwriting of artists. Unfortunately, we cannot officially talk about plagiarism of this art, but the Japanese are working on the concept of artificial intelligence.
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@Background Pony #CD59
I hope by Japanese girls, she meant all the other art she plagiarized. She obviously doesn't grasp the concept of fanart and honestly the definition of plagiarism either. Of course she would think she's somehow allowed to plagiarize just because someone else "plagiarizes" too.
Background Pony #CD59
So the artist conceed an interview, and hooooly damn:


She literally said this:

"They are accusing me of plagiarism and they put my art in paralel to a picture of a japanese girl, which at the same time is based on a movie, My Little Pony. In that case she is plagiarizing too.."
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Also everyone can google the artist by themselves, because her name is up there in the image.
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best part of this? her fucking """"drawings"""" were sold by 3500 bucks. FUCK THAT SHIT
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Shows how much skill Fatima really has if they need to trace someone's artwork.

It's dreadful that it even got placed in a museum, taking the spot for the one who really deserves it!
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I miss the show so much
This is what I've been saying for years now (since 2011/2012): eventually, pony art will end up in a museum. Maybe the curators don't know who the artist is, maybe they don't know who or what the painting depicts. But they think it's pretty and will hang it up on a wall. And those in the fandom will immediately recognize what it is when they see it, but outsiders won't.

This will happen again, but hopefully next time it won't be stolen art.
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More on that topic in general: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swipe_(comics)
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While morally dubious, apparently not illegal though that might vary from country to country. In the USA at least, Greg Land can still make a living by doing that.
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@Background Pony #D3E2
Derivative work would be adapting something and putting your own interpretation or vision into it.
This kind of just straight-up direct copying is definitely plagiarism, in spirit if not in literal dictionary definition.

Well, at least this proves MLP fanarts are as good as museum pieces now.
Seriously it's kind of funny this "artist" stoops so low as to copy fanarts on the internet as inspirations.
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So not only did they put a piece of MLP fanart on public display in a museum, they also put the traced version instead of the original.
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You know, if someone notified the museum, the artist would probably have a very bad day.

Just sayin'.