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She's up for the stage!
Happy 1-year anniversary for the Babysitter Trixie model that WhiteSkyline created!
Here's the clean version of the promotional poster, as requested

Made with Source Filmmaker, rendered at 8K resolution with 1024 DOF samples
Detailed with Adobe Photoshop CC 2019
Color Enhanced with Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

Materials & assets:
Map: black_void
Babysitter Trixie: https://www.deviantart.com/whiteskyline/art/DL-Revamped-Enhanced-Babysitter-Trixie-SFM-846247247
Trixie props: https://ponysfm.com/trixie-props
Starlight: https://www.deviantart.com/jimmythepony/art/V6-Sunset-And-Starlight-Dl-822964751
safe1750002 artist:calveen82 starlight glimmer49777 trixie68724 pony1010076 unicorn342119 3d80291 absurd resolution67015 alternate hairstyle29070 babysitter trixie531 card2846 chest622 clothes475795 duo64695 duo female11920 female1401474 hat90300 hoodie14934 mouth hold18064 source filmmaker48467 stage3175 stars16282 trixie's hat4752


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