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♫ Dashiee, you aren't getting ready for the daance. Do you need help dressing up?~ ♫
when did that nerd get so tall?
safe1750724 artist:aaa-its-spook242 rainbow dash238587 twilight sparkle306169 human158965 alternate hairstyle29075 bedroom eyes61381 behind you116 blue skin196 blushing204694 bowtie10637 breast grab7462 breasts288754 busty rainbow dash8459 cap4815 clothes476125 crown17964 cute205729 dashabetes9644 delicious flat chest5176 element of magic2382 embarrassed11747 eyebrows6450 eyebrows visible through hair3202 female1402079 flatlight sparkle217 floating heart2979 frown23570 grabbing788 grin40938 grope13831 gym shorts312 hat90373 heart50043 humanized101924 jewelry68317 lesbian99285 multicolored hair5944 nail polish8102 pink eyes765 pony coloring2799 purple eyes2596 purple skin95 regalia21153 shaved417 shipping205675 shirt26181 short hair2037 short hair rainbow dash72 shorts14549 side slit1444 signature26934 simple background409184 size difference15005 smiling261028 smirk13023 sports shorts1185 stupid sexy twilight1035 tanktop8071 teasing3885 tiara4266 tomboy1162 trousers168 tsunderainbow430 tsundere2951 twiabetes12269 twidash5342 visor cap18 wall of tags3655 watermark16938 white background102496 wristband3827


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