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Who do we have here? XD

Was thinking to draw pre-metamorphed Ocellus for a while now and finally I was really in the mood to do it.

Because it's connected to my headcanon and AU, here's some small informations:

- She doesn't look like a typical changeling drone, because in my headcanon she was a princess, and meant to have her own hive after the take over of Equestria (I explored further a bit in an older drawing). So elements of her design are similar to Chrysalis's.
- Changelings stole items from nations to analyze them, so they could understand their target better and so they could blend in more efficiently. Among those items were books, what Ocellus really loved. She could read all of them, because pretty much all languages were thought to her.
- However, Chrysalis wasn't found of her hobby, so Ocellus had to hide it. Two caretaker changelings (who were assigned to her and were the ones who later adopt her) sneaked in books for her.


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Live from the hive
That backstory makes sense. It certainly explains why Ocellus feared becoming like Chrysalis in "What Lies Beneath".