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Draw a pony being inspired / Draw a pony beating impossible odds
I actually don’t know how to play 3D chess, so I doubt the pieces are in the right places. I’m sorry in advance if I ticked off any Trekkies.
safe1902472 artist:red4567997 luster dawn1855 twilight sparkle324932 alicorn261261 pony1249903 unicorn412563 the last problem6882 3d95472 3d chess1 atg 2021762 checkmate19 chess448 crown22895 dialogue75986 duo97813 duo female16923 female1539458 glowing horn23765 horn105761 jaw drop289 jewelry84332 looking at each other25800 magic82809 magic aura5960 mare579584 newbie artist training grounds7327 older32426 older twilight2428 princess twilight 2.03019 regalia27132 shocked8396 source filmmaker56165 star trek1089 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134851


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