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safe1726910 artist:bobthedalek946 starlight glimmer49195 trixie68098 pony987182 unicorn332277 atg 2021736 cable134 charger32 dialogue66521 female1381257 implied anal insertion229 implied insertion380 inconvenient trixie325 mare490909 messy hair979 messy mane7836 messy tail257 newbie artist training grounds6444 this will end in gulag74 usb85


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Background Pony #E34D
"How long have you known THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE? Of course Trixie dares."
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Needs more Starburst
Trixie better hope that Starlight without coffee isn’t the same as my wife without her coffee. If Starlight is, Trixie is in the gravest of danger.
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