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Rainbow Dash hated dances. They were so uncool. All these love saps stuffing up the room with their ooey-gooey hearts. It made her eyes water. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to make her best friend Fluttershy go alone. It wasn’t like she had a date or anything. Rainbow Dash didn’t either, it would be less humiliating to go to the dance without a date but with a friend, then alone.
Rainbow stepped into the gymnasium. She almost fell, the floor was waxed so well. Multicolored lights were hung to the ceiling, and heart shaped clouds littered the floor. She scowled, then walked slowly to the food stands. “Oh, Rainbow Dash,” Fluttershy said. “Isn’t it pretty?” She asked. Rainbow Dash looked at the surroundings again. “No,” she said, stuffing a cookie in her mouth. Fluttershy shrugged and poured herself some punch. The two watched as high school ponies laughed and talked. It seemed like they were having a good time. “Ugh. How long is this thing?” she asked fluttershy. “About two hours. But we can leave—“ “Lets go then,” Rainbow Dash said, hauling fluttershy by the arm. “We can leave in an half hour or so,” fluttershy said sternly. Dash sighed, heavily, then turned back.

Fluttrshy said Rainbow Dash would be there. But Rainbow Dash was as stubborn as a mule, and who knows if she would come or not? Zephyr paced the hall ways, nervously. “What if she not there?” He asked himself. “No, she’ll be there. I’m sure of it. I think. Maybe.” he paused then kept pacing. “Oh, who am I kidding? Rainbow’s not the—“
“Leaving so soon?” A voice called as Zephyr opened the exit door. A almost white Pegasus was standing there. “Um. No. Yes.” He said. “Zephyr, right?” He asked. “Yes. And your Soaring. The one everyone loves. Even the teachers.” Zephyr said, vainly.
”Actually it’s Sorin’. No a. Or g. It’s makes it cooler.” He said with a smile. Zephyr snorted. “why don’t you date Rainbow Dash then?” He said under his breath. “I heard that,” Sorin’ said. “I was planning to ask her out. But she’s so hard to… look at.” He said. “Tell me about it.” Zephyr said dreamily. “You like her, too?” Sorin’ asked. He didn’t seem threatened, but Zephyr knew when a guy gets upset about competition. “Yeah…”
“Well, welcome to the Rainbow Dash Fan Club.” Sorin’ said. Zephyr chuckled.
“You know,” Sorin’ started again. “She’s in there. You should go for it.” Zephyr was amazed. “What? You aren’t threatened or anything?” He asked. “Nope.” A smile slip across Zephyr’s face. “Alright then,”

Flutter Shy knew Rainbow Dash hated dances. But this one was special. Her brother was going to this one. Though, he hadn’t showed up yet. Rainbow Dash was getting bored. “Fluttershy,” she whined. “Let’s goooo,” Fluttershy sighed. “Just a few more minutes, Dashie.” Rainbow Dash frowned. “Fine. And don’t call me Dashie, it’s sounds like we’re a couple or something.” She snorted. Fluttershy rolled her eyes. “Come on Zephyr…” she muttered.

Sorin’ was in love with Rainbow Dash. Ever since kindergarten, he loved her. Zephyr didn’t deserve her as much as he did. He wanted to be nice and keep his cool, but on the inside, he hoped this wouldn’t go well for any of them. The green Pegasus took one last breath, then opened the doors to the gym. It was time. The slow dance. Sorin’ watched as Zephyr trotted over to Rainbow dash. “Hello.” He said, kindly. Rainbow dash looked up. “Huh? Do I know you?” Sorin’ chuckled at her words. “Um, I’m Zephyr Breeze.” he said. “Rainbow Dash.” rainbow dash said, not looking up. Zephyr cleared his throat. “Um…. do you want to dance with me?” He asked. Rainbow lifted her head. She looked at Fluttershy, then Zephyr. Say no say no say no… Sorin’ plead. But instead, rainbow grabbed Zephyr by the wing and pulled him to the dance floor. “Okay. I’m a rookie as this, so you’re gonna have to teach me.”

Okay, I honestly put a lot of work into this drawing, and I love how it turned out. I’m very excited to continue Zephyr and Dash!


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