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Name: Star Sorceress
Age: young adult
Pronouns: she/her
Species: unicorn
Cutie Mark: a magic hat
Place of Birth: Crystal Empire
Currently living in: Crystal Empire
Relatives (wip): Snow Opal (father), Black Ice (uncle)
A young Flurry Heart stepped down from the throne long ago to save Equestria alongside her friends. In her place, she selected the family of King Sombra's father to watch over the Crystal Empire. Generations later, Star Sorceress was born to Snow Opal as a part of this royal family.
Star was accepted into the royal magic school a year before her peers, thanks in part to her father's influence. She was a fast learner and a hard worker, which impressed her family greatly. Her Cutie Mark came to her when she messed up reading a spellbook during class. Her mistake caused her to emit a massive light beam that tore a hole through the room's wall. The intense level of magic produced by Star Sorceress earned her a Mark, but she wasn't exactly conscious to see it happen…
Much like her father before her, Star Sorceress needed to complete a rite of passage in order to enter the family's royal council. To succeed, she needed to perform a spell completely synthesized by herself. Luckily, she was already magically adept and spent much time beforehand tinkering with spell creation. Star put together an elaborate spell that would allow her to communicate telepathically with another pony. At the ceremony, she performed flawlessly; Star communicated mentally with her uncle Black Ice while he recited their conversation to everyone else in the hall.
She works as a teacher at the magic school she graduated from. Occasionally, she'll travel with her father to meet magicians from all across Equestria. Her biggest challenge yet, though, will come from her father as well, for she'll need to snap him out of his evilness and guide him away from using his power for personal gain.


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