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Name: Kenya


Parents: Zecora and Marni

Nicknames: KK, Nya,kenny

Residence: Lives with her mothers. Eventually moves to the everfree forest into her mother's' old home.

A bit about Kenya

Kenya is usually of researching dark magic or is napping with Shiro in the shade.

-Kenya can be very headstrong the silent way.(will give the quiet treatment)

-is very good at dark magic

-She can be very vague at times

-loves big cats(especially her kitty Shiro)

-usually spends time by herself

fun fact her design was an unused version of my sona


A smaller headcanon of mine is that in Farasi, Zebra’s don’t have access to magic donors/magical ways to have foals yet. So the main way zebras can have kids is via donors.

Marni had been talking about having a foal for a long while after they were married, their lives at the time were quite busy as they were studying new plants and exploring new biomes. Eventually the two had time to settle down after years of doing this. Zecora found a donor and 13 months later Zecora had Kenya.

Growing up in Farasi, Kenya had never really experienced pony customs/traditions. Zecora would sometimes introduce some things from ponyville, but most of it was left behind when she came home. Kenya would often hear stories about what ponyville's daily life looked like and how much different it was to theirs. (I will go more in depth about Zebra culture and customs in a Zebra headcanon later on.)

Zecora never really saw herself having kids to take care of,mainly because of her life being the way it was,but being blessed with Kenya was well worth it.

When Kenya was a little filly her parents had always been open about adventuring.

Kenya would always be testing magic relics and new plants with zecora so that would bring them relatively close to one another. One particular day, the family was heading to the docs to collect more rare plants when a curious creature had caught their eye. A little tiger cub had stowed away on the ship.

Kenya begged and pleaded with her parents to let her have the tiger cub. Eventually they gave in and smuggled the little cub into their home. Where he has stayed ever since.

Body: For a zebra she is average height but for pony height she is just barely above average mare height.


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