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What a HUGE commission! This is for Pomp-Neigh on Fimfiction – thanks for commissioning me! :D (Big Grin)
Too bad Moon Lord is sorta obscured in the background, I’m actually pretty happy with how he turned out =P (Razz)
safe1863564 artist:cyonixcymatro46 applejack181079 fluttershy227871 pinkie pie229791 princess cadance35196 princess celestia100780 princess luna105096 rainbow dash249631 rarity195102 spike84069 starlight glimmer52730 tempest shadow17744 twilight sparkle320218 zecora10048 alicorn253866 dragon64809 earth pony314143 pegasus357094 pony1208028 unicorn394839 zebra19607 awestruck16 column254 crossover66320 dragons riding ponies690 fanfic art16010 floppy ears59344 mane six33949 moon lord2 raised hoof54556 riding8008 scenery8738 spike riding twilight510 terraria111 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132504 winged spike8992 wings149301


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Moonlord would be no prob with Dash there, just give her a good melee or homing weapon and she can move so fast she could avoid his attacks easily. Of course that is going strictly by game mechanics, I imagine a fight with him in a fic or something would be a lot more difficult/interesting.
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Quick! Just build a skyhouse and have nurse redheart move so she can hea- Oh wait they patched that. We’re probably screwed.