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safe1750801 artist:kittyrosie641 twilight sparkle306181 pony1010755 equestria girls207145 :d1255 abstract background16074 blushing204700 book34534 chibi14833 cute205731 eye clipping through hair6416 eyebrows6452 eyebrows visible through hair3204 female1402132 high res32806 human coloration5383 human ponidox3595 looking at you175732 lying down19662 mare502296 no nose376 no pupils4184 on head18 open mouth154447 open smile2169 pony hat431 prone26353 riding7609 self ponidox8343 self riding156 sitting on head191 smiling261058 smiling at you5208 tiny1330 tiny ponies1510 twiabetes12269


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The direction Kotobukiya Bishoujo didn't take. Oh well, there's still Nendoroid.