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"(NATG) Twiggie Angel"
Prompt — Draw a pony up to no good / Draw a pony breaking every rule in the book

Pay no attention to the bottle. I'm sure with a look like that, everything is perfectly ok.
safe1750002 artist:chopsticks615 twilight sparkle306060 pony1010076 unicorn342119 atg 2021758 chest fluff41171 female1401474 halo1763 hot sauce123 looking at you175597 mare501978 newbie artist training grounds6500 simple background408960 solo1094069 squatpony399 text62166 twiggie433 unicorn twilight18685 unshorn fetlocks27142 white background102452


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Background Pony #0DF6
my First thought is that she died from drinking the hot sauce — anal trauma :3
cute pic :3