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Part 1 >>2546121
semi-grimdark30230 suggestive145411 artist:lupin quill937 queen chrysalis35124 shining armor23378 changeling48653 pony986736 unicorn332085 fanfic:feedbag11 series:the feedbag paradigm3 alternate timeline3015 bad end2171 belly28956 bhm1530 bingo wings2424 cave3455 changelings riding ponies9 dialogue66501 domination2066 exercise695 eyes closed95552 fanfic art14622 fat22360 fat fetish1602 feed bag78 fetish40735 flabby chest377 force feeding824 lineless3924 lying down18275 magic suppression3979 morbidly obese7964 neck fat135 obese11695 on back24652 open mouth149790 queen chrysalard282 rolls of fat1832 shining blubber109 teasing3814 unshorn fetlocks26232 waddle33 weight gain4335 weight gain sequence823


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