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check this out guys i made my very own new picture i called it My Little Pony Equestria Girls in The Super Adventures of the Harmony Girls it's a superhero story that i just made it up here's Twilight Sparkle as Magic Princess Rainbow Dash as Super Loyalty Fluttershy as Butterfly Kindness Pinkie Pie as Laughter Girl Applejack as Honesty Cowgirl Rarity as Lady Generosity Sunset Shimmer as Master Empathy and Starlight Glimmer as Mrs Justice as the superheroes together they are The Harmony Girls with their magical superpowers their job is protect the city from evil villains and bring peace and harmony everywhere
you should listen to this song: Superheroes Superheroes (Winx Club)
i used this background: FREE: Rainbow Burst Background
and this: MLP — EQG's Digital Series Logo Elements of Harmony (gems)
bases from SelenaEde
safe1749843 artist:luisstormcardoso4 artist:magical-mama36 artist:selenaede1873 artist:techrainbow50 artist:user154321183 applejack173229 fluttershy217183 pinkie pie220116 rainbow dash238510 rarity185539 starlight glimmer49772 sunset shimmer64760 twilight sparkle306047 alicorn232787 human158901 equestria girls206895 base used21716 base:selenaede77 blue dress108 boots22922 clothes475733 cowboy hat17139 crown17937 cutie mark49689 cutie mark on clothes3203 dress46051 element of empathy25 element of forgiveness22 element of generosity924 element of honesty915 element of justice22 element of kindness1026 element of laughter927 element of loyalty1102 element of magic2381 elements of harmony2498 equestria girls logo832 eyes closed97991 gemstones173 gloves20942 green dress56 green shoes24 hand on hip7496 hat90277 high heel boots5876 high heels11764 jewelry68146 looking at you175557 mask7064 multicolored hair5946 my little pony logo4328 one eye closed32487 orange dress30 pegasus wings238 pink dress157 pink shoes52 ponied up5302 purple dress84 purple shoes31 rainbow background190 rainbow dress11 rainbow hair2538 rainbow power2849 rainbow power-ified799 rainbow tail283 red dress336 red shoes36 regalia21122 shoes38713 sparkly background54 superhero1698 superhero costume67 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126179 wings122976 wink25646


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