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Another WIP because I don’t have the will to boot up Inkscape for now.
There’ll be both a topless version (obviously) and normal version with shirt.
Tagged solo female to be sure. Don’t actually think just happening to be topless counts as “provocative” or “sexual” but you know, to be sure. First questionable upload, hope I got everything right!
Also tagged missing accessory because she’s missing Kim’s iconic shirt.

Drawn with pencils.
Complete version (topless)  
Complete version (normal)
questionable112926 artist:roseluck48 rainbow dash241523 equestria girls211459 abs11918 areola19903 barbie doll anatomy1620 belly button83421 belt6181 belt buckle304 breasts296411 cargo pants62 clothes488005 collarbone189 cosplay29024 costume29946 crossover64529 equestria girls style717 featureless breasts2604 featureless crotch7227 female1432212 full body2883 gloves21625 grayscale40047 kim possible133 missing accessory8473 monochrome154363 nipples180284 nudity391017 pants15820 partial nudity22050 pencil drawing8567 pouch383 raised arm337 reasonably sized breasts945 shoes40173 show accurate17806 simple background421670 sketch65801 sneakers5360 solo1120122 solo female187096 step by step67 thigh gap737 topless14478 traditional art122200 underass2667 walking5083 walking towards you27 wall of tags3941 wallpaper19014 white background106088 wip8077


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