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Got a copy of the questionnaire myself:

Do you like me?

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being AMAZING CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT and 1 being instant death for you and your family, how would you rate my rule? Feel free to speak honestly and use examples.

Between me and my sister, who do you think is the best ruler? Pay no attention to the bat guards sneaking up behind you, they're just here to collect your answers and judge the results.

Remember, this survey is completely compulsory and the happiness of yourself, and your family, are entirely dependent upon the answers. So do provide as much detail in your answers as you feel appropriate.

Pretty standard stuff. Reminded me of working for Apple.
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Background Pony #862C
Sure ma'am,I think, I don't really give damn about the bastards whom rule this land,I only care about people's freedom and live,if you going easy on them I'll give you my heart if you want.
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Artist -

"A completely anonymous survey, of course. I wouldn't dream of using them to track down dissident…errr, honest-answering ponies. No, Not at all…."