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safe1751037 artist:bobthedalek952 starlight glimmer49803 sunburst7009 pony1011039 unicorn342498 atg 2021758 bed mane712 blaze (coat marking)1667 book34539 clothes476224 coat markings5434 facial markings2276 female1402328 glasses64709 kite811 male388179 messy mane7927 newbie artist training grounds6500 onomatopoeia4577 pajamas3383 reading6428 shipping205700 sleeping23942 snorelight glimmer14 snoring683 socks (coat markings)3210 sound effects2259 starburst1275 straight140354 sunburst's glasses448 that pony sure does love kites267 volumetric mouth817 zzz2509


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Needs more Starburst
Maybe you should see a sleep therapist Starlight and get a CPAP machine. It would help let you and Sunburst get some proper sleep.