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safe1751480 edit135936 edited screencap67248 editor:twiliey4 screencap227542 applejack173372 fluttershy217335 pinkie pie220296 rainbow dash238677 rarity185665 twilight sparkle306285 earth pony266327 pegasus309498 pony1011415 unicorn342681 equestria girls207306 equestria girls (movie)7580 friendship is magic3001 season 12501 applejack's hat8461 bare shoulders2936 big crown thingy2414 boots22942 bracelet10023 cowboy hat17211 element of generosity928 element of honesty918 element of kindness1031 element of laughter930 element of loyalty1105 element of magic2386 elements of harmony2500 eyes closed98212 fall formal outfits1571 female1402713 glowing eyes11587 hairpin2125 hat90445 holding hands2797 humane five3610 humane six3422 jewelry68429 mane six32586 mare502607 regalia21171 shoes38770 sleeveless4981 smiling261310 spread wings57144 strapless1751 twilight ball dress201 unicorn twilight18717 wings123338


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