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This is how Monty meets one of his best friends, Carrots!


Monty was briefly teased in school by the other foals. They'd ask him questions intending to make him uncomfortable about himself.
"Why is your horn so short?", "If you're really a unicorn, why do you never use magic?", "If you're really an earth pony, why aren't you strong?", "Why do we never see your mom?"
This teasing was posed as asking innocent questions, but they knew what they were doing. They poked and prodded, trying to elicit a response.
He, at first, would humor these questions. He figured they just wanted to know more about him, and assumed it was a friendly gesture. But he caught on quickly as the questions became more and more personal and rude. He tried to ignore them, but this made the questions more demanding; "Come on! Tell us!"

Monty thankfully didn't have to deal with this teasing for too long. A new student arrived and made herself known very quickly. She was a spunky filly covered in scrapes and bruises, she was loud and wouldn't take crap from anyone. Her first day, she noticed Monty being bothered by a small group of kids, and intervened immediately. She walked proudly between Monty and the others with a smirk on her face, revealing a missing tooth.
"Y'all better back off, 'nless you want yer teeth to match mine." She threatened, showing no fear. She looked almost excited, as if hoping one of the other kids would retaliate.
Taken aback by her sudden intrusion, the kids quickly backed off to go do something else. The filly snorted and stomped a hoof down.
"That's what I thought!" She said, loudly. She turned to look at Monty and gave him a bright grin. "Hey, you ok?" She asked, giving him a friendly shove.

Monty 'oofed' from the shove. She was strong. He stared at her in awe for a few moments, trying to find his words.
"Y-yeah, I'm alright. Thanks." He smiled, "I'm Monty, what's your name?" He extended a hoof politely.

She took his hoof with both of her own and shook so hard he thought she'd nearly yank his arm off.
"I'm Carrots!" She exclaimed happily. "You can call me Carrie!"

After recovering from the hoofshake, Monty smiled again, warmly. "Carrie, do you wanna be friends?" He asked.

"With you?" Carrie asked, feigning confusion. Before Monty could speak, she laughed kindly. "Sure!"

Monty happily stomped his hooves, unable to contain his excitement. Laughing together, He and Carrie then ran off to enjoy the rest of their recess.


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