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Hitch and Izzy, I think they look neat together.
safe1724660 artist:chub-wub435 hitch trailblazer647 izzy moonbow1954 earth pony255722 pony984980 unicorn331311 g54172 blaze (coat marking)1402 blushing200614 cheek kiss1853 chest fluff39957 chin fluff179 coat markings4794 eyes closed95416 facial markings1852 female1379208 floppy ears53109 high res30933 izzyhitch6 kissing24968 looking at each other20756 male379249 mare489813 one eye closed31484 open mouth149455 pale belly1193 raised hoof47390 shipping202485 simple background400140 socks (coat markings)2810 stallion111640 straight138067 white background99982


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