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safe1752508 edit136014 edited screencap67304 editor:quoterific2558 screencap227760 apple bloom51057 applejack173456 big macintosh28858 cheerilee10145 granny smith5441 sandalwood1120 sci-twi25372 scootaloo51960 sweetie belle49763 twilight sparkle306425 equestria girls207516 equestria girls series35022 holidays unwrapped2268 the cider louse fools197 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14942 animation error2108 apple bloom's bow1604 applejack's hat8487 boots22956 bow30025 bowtie10662 clothes476633 cowboy boots1598 cowboy hat17240 cutie mark49811 cutie mark crusaders19341 cutie mark on clothes3247 denim skirt1639 eyes closed98322 female1403653 geode of super strength2413 geode of telekinesis3174 glasses64822 hair bow16410 hat90524 magical geodes9865 male388660 open mouth154834 ponytail18906 shoes38796 skirt41125 smiling261637


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