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safe1722857 artist:banebuster171 artist:doublewbrothers496 artist:lupiarts608 artist:pony-berserker883 applejack171216 baby applejack43 fluttershy214412 nightmare moon17032 pinkie pie217778 princess celestia95654 princess luna99741 rainbow dash235733 rarity183271 twilight sparkle302555 alicorn227709 earth pony255016 pegasus298134 pony983314 unicorn330567 animated99416 babbling5 baby10551 baby luna47 baby pony6690 banished to the moon7 banishment239 box4704 cake9911 cakelestia1089 cewestia1800 crib534 crying44015 cute202305 diaper13603 eating9759 evil laugh437 female1377649 filly67885 filly mane six20 foal15517 food71229 laughing8119 mane six32183 moon23688 neil armstrong24 nightmare woon376 pacifier2680 pink-mane celestia2594 playroom5 plushie24213 poofy diaper4489 pouting1995 sound9082 spacesuit1136 teary eyes4228 that princess sure does love cake18 time travel387 to the moon310 tooth198 underhoof52687 voice acting492 weapons-grade cute3727 webm13683 woona5081 younger17548 youtube link5042


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Background Pony #B5FE
Awwwwww!! So cute! I especially love how you drew the diapers. Very puffy like a cloud.
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