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Surprisingly, Maud was by far the most intense one out of my trainers.

(she went on for another 10 minutes talking about what we were going to do with rocks btw)
safe1749148 artist:matchstickman283 apple bloom50910 maud pie12731 earth pony265476 anthro269288 tumblr:where the apple blossoms80 apple brawn215 biceps1551 blah blah blah49 breasts288385 busty apple bloom1810 busty maud pie1051 clothes475394 comic111412 deltoids265 dialogue67898 duo64643 female1400696 gritted teeth13182 mare501614 matchstickman's apple brawn series99 maud pump72 muscles12806 older27772 older apple bloom2238 onomatopoeia4563 pain2055 punch1285 rock4589 speech bubble24391 tumblr comic1066


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